Abortion Center Firebombing!

Outrage in Kalispell, Montana!

Incendiary device remains
Incendiary device remains (photo: Photo: Thomas More Society)

Call the national media! A firebombing attack just took place an abortion center in Kalispell, Montana! Tea Party violence strikes again! Call the Department of Homeland Security! These Christian Taliban extremists must be stopped!

Oh wait.

Yes, it seems a homemade incendiary device was thrown in the general vicinity of the All Family Health Care abortion center in Kalispell, Montana on Thursday night, March 17. That is, it was thrown at a pro-life demonstration on a public sidewalk. Specifically, at an elderly woman participating in a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.

According to the Thomas More Society, the pro-life law center representing 40 Days for Life:

Karen Trierweiler, coordinator of the 40 Days prayer vigils in Kalispell, said that a homemade incendiary device was thrown at one of the vigil participants, an elderly retired woman, by an assailant — as yet unidentified — as she walked on the public sidewalk near the abortion provider’s premises. The victim did not see the bomb-thrower, nor did she see the bomb — akin to a “Molotov cocktail” — before it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise like a big firecracker as it burst into flame. Apparently the victim was unhurt.

Ah. That’s very different. Never mind.

Had a pro-lifer thrown a homemade incendiary device at a pro-choice demonstrator, it would have led the national news for weeks. Since it was the other way around, it now makes sense that the mainstream media have completely ignored the story for the last however many days. (Try searching on the terms “Kalispell Montana incendiary device” and see who’s talking about it, besides the Examiner.com’s Spokane Conservative and of course LifeSiteNews. I kind of like the topsy-turvy subject heading on a Baltimore Sun public forum: “Violent pro-Warmer (lifer) viciously attacks peaceful Liberal incendiary device.” However, “pro-Warmer” is too positive; “anti-” something would be better, although “anti-climate-change-mitigation” is a bit of a mouthful. “AGW denier” (anthropogenic global warming denier) might be a bit better, although the acronym is too obscure).

Even worse is the reported indifference and unprofessionalism of the local police. It was kind of the investigating officer (if that’s the right term) to alert the demonstrators that “the 40 Days prayer vigil participants should expect this kind of reaction if they’re out there protesting abortion.” However, it seems odd that rather than, you know, investigating the remains of the device or collecting evidence, Officer Hoover summoned the municipal experts he deemed appropriate to deal with evidence of this kind: the city’s garbage service.

Was this merely one sloppy police officer? Well, maybe. According to the Thomas More Society, “Ms. Trierweiler called the Kalispell desk sergeant to complain, where she was unable to get further assistance.” The Thomas More Society has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office in Helena, Montana.