5 Best Videos of Kids Playing Mass

When I was little I used to "play Mass" with my brother. He would be the priest and I would put a couch arm cover on my head and pretend I was a nun and help him distribute the Eucharist.

There are pictures of me when I was around five baptizing my baby doll with a couch arm cover on my head, (I assume my doll was in danger of death therefore making the Baptism licit). Just as kids play house, it is normal for kids to play act the religious rituals of the faith they are raised in, and it is usually a sign that parents have made sure the faith has an important role in the home.

So, of course, now in the age of YouTube we have many videos of kids who obviously regularly attend Mass who have memorized the Mass (to differing degrees) and say them for their parents and friends.

Here are my favorites:

1. Many of you may have seen this video of little 3-year-old Isaiah who takes an inventive approach to the Mass, inserting a few calculating pirouettes at just the right junctures. One of his favorite parts of the Mass seems to be when the priest says, "Behold the Lamb of God." I am with him on that:


There is also a video of Isaiah saying Mass at 5-years-old.

2. Samuel is only 3 years old and can't read or write but he has almost the entire Mass  memorized in Spanish, and also manages to have the patience of Job with his slightly less prepared altar server:


3. 4-year-old Thuan says the Mass in both English and Latin. At around 11 minutes he says the "consecration" prayer with such reverence, it is moving!


4. This little Lebanese boy's grandfather is a Maronite priest and he is, apparently, an aspiring priest. This boy definitely understands the importance of copious amounts of incense in the Mass:


5. This is the shortest, and my favorite: