10 Ways to Help the Blessed Mother in the New Year

Devotion to Mary is God’s way and can be our way too.

Attributed to Carl Rahl (1812-1865), “Ein Blumenkranz für das Jesuskind”
Attributed to Carl Rahl (1812-1865), “Ein Blumenkranz für das Jesuskind” (photo: Public Domain)

If you want the world to be a better place in 2019, promote the Blessed Mother. God chose Mary to get closer to us and through his first public miracle of changing water into wine, he revealed that going through his Blessed Mother brings us closer to him.

 It’s a tragic irony that so many Jesus-loving Christians cut the Blessed Mother out of their spiritual life. Many a convert pointed to the Blessed Mother as being their last most difficult hurdle to overcome before becoming Catholic. Many also testify how the Blessed Mother opened up the faith to her in profound ways.

Consider helping to take down some of the hurdles to Mary as a New Year’s resolution in 2019. If you are unsure of how, ask her to lead the way, opening opportunities and directing conversations. You will be amazed at the opportunities that open before you that are not of your doing. Here are 10 suggestions on how to become a Mary evangelist in 2019.

  1. Volunteer. Dear Lord, you came to us through the Blessed Mother to get closer to us, help me to be a part of that mission by growing closer to your Mother and bringing others closer to her.
  2. Pray the Rosary daily. It’s what the Blessed Mother asked us to when she appeared at Lourdes and Fatima. Many great popes and saints exhorted us to pray this powerful prayer.
  3. Consecrate yourself to the Blessed Mother. You can use this prayer and consider at some point this year, doing the Total Consecration as imparted to us through St. Louis de Montfort.
  4. Share your plan with the Blessed Mother. Ask to be a part of her plan to bring people to her son to “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5)
  5. Know the basics. To know Mary is to love her. Knowing why we call her “Blessed” and honor her is to help spread the love. Here is an article that explains Catholic teaching backed by Scripture.
  6. Follow the Fourth Commandment to “Honor your Mother and Father.” Spreading devotion to the Blessed Mother is a way to honor her, just as Jesus honors his Mother.
  7. Pray an Our Father and Hail Mary for any person you engage in conversation about the Blessed Mother with. “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” Trust that loving Mary is God’s will.
  8. Wear a blessed Miraculous Medal. Read about the Miraculous Medal  if you do not already know about this medal given to St. Catherine Labouré to promote. Wear one, get it blessed, and pray daily: “Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” Just wearing the medal may start up conversations.
  9. Give Miraculous Medals to people. You can order in bulk for as little as 50 for $16 through St. Paul Street Evangelization who relies heavily on the Blessed Mother to draw people deeper into the Church.
  10. Trust Mary as your mediator. Don’t be dissuaded by Scripture that tells us that there is only one mediator between us and God. (1 Timothy 2:5).  We are not skipping Jesus, we are going to him with his Blessed Mother at our side. The Bible also tells us to have others pray for us. Asking Mary is an obvious choice.

Life is always better with Mary in it. It’s God’s way and can be our way too. With our Blessed Mother, 2019 can be a great year—and by great, I mean holy. Happy New and Holy New Year!