10 Reasons Catholics Should Love Football

I was watching a little football this weekend and thought of a number of reasons that Catholics should love football.


10) There's a fair and a foul. There's in and there's out. Catholics believe in good and bad, good and evil. We're used to drawing lines.

9) There are rules. Football has a rulebook. Catholics have the catechism. When in doubt if something is good or bad, check the Catechism.

8) While there are many people out on the field, there's a few out there who dress a little differently and wear funny hats who have more authority to decide the rules. That one's self explanatory 'cause you know, bishops and Cardinals dress a little differently.

7) There's a hall of Fame where those who came before are acknowledged, appreciated and respected. Catholics are big into recognizing those who came before and calling on them.

6) Someone's keeping score. And let's face it, in the end, that's what really matters.

5) You must always be aware that time may be running out. Catholics always want to be aware that there may not be much time left. This game has consequences and you might not get a two minute drill.

4) Many are rooting against you. They may be loud or they may seem silent. But they are many who are definitely against you.

3) If there's a bad call, there's a way to make it right. Football has instant replay. Catholics have confession.

2) It's all about the down and out. See the clever worldplay there? You get it? The down and out is a pattern in football and Catholicism is all about those who are down and out.

1) Sometimes the best plan is just to take a knee. 'Nuff said.