We at the Register are grateful for all the support we receive from our loyal readers, many of whom are priests, bishops and cardinals. Every word of encouragement is received as a confirmation of our mission to be the most complete Catholic news source.

Recently, we received a very public endorsement from the newly installed shepherd of Philadelphia, Archbishop Charles Chaput (also a member of EWTN’s board of directors). He said Aug. 18 in a column in First Things: “We make a very serious mistake if we rely on media like The New York Times, Newsweek, CNN or MSNBC for reliable news about religion. ... So whom can you trust?”

He recommended a handful of outlets, including EWTN and the Register. “These excellent media sources will nourish and deepen your faith in ways that the mainstream public media can never provide,” the archbishop said.

Our thanks to all of you for your prayers — and for your generous expressions of moral and financial support that sustain us. We couldn’t do it without you.

God bless you!