One of the hallmarks of our news coverage is to showcase stories that reflect humanity’s unquenchable spirit.

Our page-one stories on the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon and the tragic explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas, don’t sugarcoat the sense of sorrow we all experience when things like this occur. They tell about real loss, real sadness.

They also illustrate heroic virtue in times of tragedy. We are deeply inspired by that saintly perseverance amid the sadness and loss by victims and their families. The entire body of Christ is built up when the actions and lives of its members are a testament to an indomitable, Christlike spirit.

EWTN founder Mother Angelica, who celebrated her 90th birthday last month, is another example of that spirit. As our story on page 3 illustrates, it was her own perseverance through personal and professional difficulties and her submission to God’s will that made her dream of a worldwide media apostolate — which includes the Register — a reality.

May God continue to bless Mother and her important work yet to be unveiled. And may he comfort and bless all those who are suffering, as they witness to the world a faith and courage that will not be extinguished.

God bless you!