ROME (CNA) — The Bishops’ Conference of Spain has warned of the dangers of sexually charged ads and the promotion of the sex industry.

The Internet, they said in a May 25 message, cannot be a place devoid of any ethical or moral considerations with regards to human communication, nor can it throw aside “the most basic norms of decency in personal and social relationships, based on the dignity of the person and the common good.”

The same could be said of certain sections of newspapers, such as the classified ads, the bishops continued. 

They support efforts to rid the press of advertising for the sex industry, “which not only constitutes an attack on the dignity of the person, especially women, but also diminishes the dignity of those who promote or allow it based on a misunderstanding of freedom of expression and of the market,” the bishops added. 

“Just because one can sell or buy something doesn’t mean one should.”

Spain’s Ministry of Health, Policies and Equality is exploring ways to regulate such advertising in the media. The Spanish Congress is set to debate the proposal in July.

The message was intended to mark the 45th World Day of Social Communications, taking place on June 5.

Pope Benedict XVI chose as the theme for the World Day of Social Communications this year “Truth, proclamation and authenticity in the digital age.”