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Reformed Presbyterian Convert, Top 5 Religious Mysteries, Roses Fall from Praying Friar, and more! (3718)

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06/08/2011 Comment

Tito Edwards of

From Reformed Presbyterian to Catholic! - Jeremy Tate, Called to Communion

. . .Robert Kumpel: why I am a Catholic. . .

Roses Fall From Mouth of Praying Franciscan Friar - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: What They Are, How to Use Them - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Kids Who Attend Religious Services Least Likely to Have Sex - Lisa Graas

Top Five Religious Mysteries - Nick Squires, The Telegraph

. . .Nick Squires: what is the Turin Shroud?. . .

The Troubling Virtue of Ultra-Violence - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/On the Square

Secularism’s Victory Through Osmosis - Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

. . .Msgr. Ch. Pope: the slow, steady & subtle erosion of religious liberty. . .

A Priest on His First Publicly Celebrated Solemn Extraordinary Form Mas - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

. . .Fr. Z: how to prepare for participation in the Extraordinary Form Mass. . .

. . .Fr. Z: how to prevent a priest from ad-libbing in Mass. . .

. . .Rich Leonardi: poor instructions on “participation” in Mass. . .

Who Made Her a Catholic Bishop? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

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