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Being Papist in the U.K., Infallibility, Victims of Communism Day, Nigerian Elections, and more! (4190)

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05/02/2011 Comments (3)

William Starke Rosecrans is the Catholic Civil War general who almost became Abraham Lincoln's vice-president and would have been in line to succeed him when he was assassinated.

On Being a Papist in the United Kingdon - Father Robert John Araujo S.J., Mirror of Justice

The Attack on the Family - Thomas Storck, The Distributist Review

Our Failed Establishment - R.R. Reno, First Things/First Thoughts

Apologetics Toolbox: Infallibility - Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

I’m Getting Tired Of Saying This. . . - Mac McLernon, Mulier Fortis

On Actually Being a Catholic - Father Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

Victims of Communism Day - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

500 (Mostly) Christians Killed When Muslims Lose Election in Nigeria - Lisa Graas

Great Photos: Divine Mercy Sunday - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

The First Catholic President, Almost - Ronald J. Rychlak, InsideCatholic

Is the Antichrist Approaching? - Sonja Corbitt, CatholicExchange

Who’s Betraying Tradition, The Grand Dispute - Sandro Magister, Chiesa

This will be a continuing series from Monday through Saturday twice a day, that I will be contributing for the National Catholic Register.  This will be very similar to what you see on

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