In honor of Sunday, here are my own coping strategies for giving up Facebook in Lent.

10. Call friends at random and say: “Tom is just hanging out after an exhausting day. Whew! Good to be home! ;-)”

9. (Add, to the friend: “I just winked but you can’t see it because this isn’t Facebook.”)

8. Read a book until I get frustrated by the long paragraphs.

7. Hand out pictures of my kids to strangers.

6. Ask April (my wife): “Is today considered part of Lent?”

5. Update the inappropriate, personally compromising material on my MySpace page.

4. Poke people.

3. Tell people at work: “I friend you. Do you accept?”

2. Talk to my wife and kids until I get frustrated by the lack of control I have over the conversation.

1. Write on my wall. Literally.