If you are here because you read elsewhere that we are a scandalous newspaper (or that I am a scandalous newspaper editor) who has traded our Catholic heritage away in order to support Obama, there are a few things you should know.

1. It’s not true. (Links follow below) I have updated the original link to try to clarify it.

The very idea that the National Catholic Register would be pro-Obama is bizarre. We’ve been running wall-to-wall stories delineating the depth and extent of the wickedness of his positions for months.

2. What you read was unfair. I know it was unfair, because lots of people have written about this, but no critic has contacted me directly to ask me about it. (Be the first! thoopes@ncregister.com)

3. I think pro-lifers and Catholics need a message of hope — and a warning. The hope: Reality is on our side. There are pro-life majorities and pro-marriage majorities that can be deepened and increased. Heck, in many respects, it’s not “Can we win this” but “Can we finish winning this?” The warning: They’ll only listen to you if they think you show a modicum of respect toward the nice man and his nice family in the White House.

There are still pro-life and pro-marriage majorities in America. Many of our voters voted for Obama. Let’s not hand off our ball to the other team. Let’s get them back. See “Hot Topics” at the bottom of the home page for articles you can pass on.

And here is the editorial proof of our pro-life position on the election, for the unconvinced.

Catholics and Obama

Obama vs. the Right to Life

We’re Waiting, Barack

Obama’s Abortion Extremism” by Princeton’s Robert George.

For proof that we have remained steadfast in our pro-life beliefs after the election, click below on the “abortion” and “obama” tags. For my own posts, click on “weekend commentary.”

Click here to see readers defend the Register.

— Tom Hoopes