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Hope, American Style

11/24/2008 Comment

We’ve got the final installment in our hope-after-the-election series up, now. Our hope is an American hope, based on the fact that we live in a Democracy where it is still possible to change minds and, along with them, laws.

And, so you know, when we say hope, we don’t mean:
—“Boy, we hope Obama won’t keep his promises on abortion.” He will.
—“Boy, we hope it won’t be that bad, what he does.” It will.
—“Man, I hope the GOP will rescue us two years from now.” They won’t.

Where the heck are we finding hope, then? “The New Springtime of the Faith.” Huh?

Go ahead and see ...

— Tom Hoopes

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Tom  Hoopes
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Tom Hoopes is Vice President of College Relations and writer in residence at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. He has written for the Register for more than 20 years and was its executive editor for 10. His writing has appeared in First Things’ First Thoughts, National Review Online, Crisis, Our Sunday Visitor, Inside Catholic and Columbia. He has served as press secretary for the Chairman of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee. He and his wife, April, were editorial co-directors of Faith & Family magazine for 5 years. They have nine children.