The inventive continue to come up with new techie ways to spread the Gospel. You can get the Bible on a USB. You can have a verse a day sent to your iPhone or mobile phone. And now, there’s the “Twitter Bible,” which summarizes the over 31,000 verse Bible into nearly 4,000 short-form tweets.

Formally titled “And God Decided to Chill,” the German language book was released at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The project was launched by the Protestant web site, who wanted to encourage debate about the Bible and demonstrate modern possibilities for making known the word of God.

It’s the compilation of tweets by more than 3,000 German Christians who participated in the project earlier this year. Participants used Twitter to summarize 3,906 Bible sections into 140 character messages.

Don’t expect a faithful translation, though. The tweet describing God’s day of rest after creation: “Thank God! It’s Sunday!”