Not only am I a “public face” for the National Catholic Register; it seems I’ve become something of a “public voice” for the Register, as well. Not that I seek these things out; for a reason that only the Holy Spirit knows, these requests are thrust upon me. I sometimes joke that I have a “face for radio and a voice for print.”

In addition to my weekly radio program “Voice from the Cloud” on Relevant Radio affiliate KYES 1180 AM in central Minnesota, I’ve been a fairly frequent guest on some of The Catholic Channel’s programs on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, such as “The Catholics Next Door,” with Greg and Jennifer Willits, and, most recently, Gus Lloyd’s “Seize the Day.”

My first stint with Gus Lloyd was Jan. 7 at the insufferable hour of 5:40am CST/6:40am EST. In case you missed it, you can listen to the archived post of it here.

For those of you who have Sirius XM Radio, I’ll be back on “Seize the Day” this Thursday, Jan. 21, at the same early time. Be sure to listen in and see if I’m awake.