In an email sent out to students, faculty and staff this morning from Father Shawn Aaron, president of Southern Catholic College shared the news that as of Thursday, April 15, Southern Catholic College will be closing its doors for the semester.

Efforts to raise money for the new school have not met expectations, making it impossible for the school to continue through the end of the semester, May 13.

Students are being asked to collect their belongings and say their goodbyes between April 11-15. Students will be able to retain the credits that they earned this semester.

The college, which is located one hour north of Atlanta in Dawsonville, Ga., was founded in 2000 as the first Catholic college in Georgia. Just last year, the school entered into an alliance with the Legionaries of Christ. Father Aaron, a Legionaries of Christ priest, was installed as the new president last fall.

There’s no word yet on whether the closing will be temporary or permanent.

For those desiring to financially support the college, there is an online donation form located here. For other ways to charitably support the school, visit this webpage.