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Register Radio: Homosexuality and Catholic TV Ads

Dr. Janet Smith and Catholics Come Home Founder Tom Peterson

12/02/2011 Comments (1)

In today’s riveting show, Dr. Janet Smith, professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, discussed her recent National Catholic Register article, “Teaching Moments on Sexuality.”  With her usual wisdom and frankness, she addressed homosexuality and teenage attitudes towards it, providing insights that you won’t hear on any mainstream radio or television programs.

In the second half of the program, Tom Peterson, founder and director of Catholics Come Home shared the exciting news of the apostolate’s Catholic national television advertising campaign which rolls out across the country during Advent. Listen in to hear Tom explain what he thinks the exciting effects of the campaign could be.

As always, you can hear Register Radio live on EWTN’s radio affiliates or here at 2 p.m. Eastern Friday, or download the podcast after 2:30 p.m. Eastern. Don’t miss a thing. Tune into Register Radio.

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