After giving Gus such grief about the “insufferable hour,” “Seize the Day” shifted my radio time to the less-sufferable hour of 8am EST.

On Feb. 4 I spoke about my conversion from Lutheran to Catholic, and provided a very brief thumbnail version of my journey of faith. We also talked about the upcoming Super Bowl and a faithful counterpart, “Faith Bowl III,” a program featuring prominent baseball players talking about their Catholic faith that’s airing on EWTN on Super Bowl Sunday. Find our coverage here.

I also spoke about two recent stories I wrote for the National Catholic Register. One takes a look at how the apostolic constitution allowing Anglicans to come into the Catholic Church might play out in the U.S. The other story takes a look at a recent federal study that demonstrates an increased risk of breast cancer by women who take oral contraceptives, particularly those who begin taking the pill at young ages.

Finally, I gave Gus my Super Bowl prediction. To find out who I chose, you’ll have to listen to the broadcast.