Nine-year-old Samuel Armas’ first baby photo isn’t like most infants’ first photo. Taken while he was still in utero, it’s the famous photograph that appeared in USA Today on Sept. 7, 1999, showing a 21-week-old Samuel grasping a doctor’s finger during surgery to correct his spina bifida. Four months later, Samuel was born.

Now living with his family in Villa Rica, Ga., Samuel said he’s proud of the photo because it’s given others the opportunity to live.

“It’s very important to me,” Samuel said. “A lot of babies would’ve lost their lives if that didn’t happen.”

The photograph not only has had an impact on parents-to-be, but also on the photographer who took the picture, Michael Clancy.

Prior to taking the photograph, Clancy said he supported abortion. Today, he’s not only pro-life, but has given pro-life groups the right to use the incredible photograph.

Clancy told Fox News about what happened that day in the operating room.

“I could see the uterus shake violently and then this little fist came out of the surgical opening,” said Clancy. “It came out under its own power. When Dr. Bruner lifted the little hand, I fired my camera and the tighter Samuel squeezed, the harder Dr. Bruner shook his hand.”