The holiday mini-season of “Reel Faith” is underway, and we have a slew of new 60-second reviews below. Check them out!

Note that David and I disagreed somewhat on Frozen and The Christmas Candle, so the 60s below only tell half the story — and our favorite film of those we discussed this past week, the Robert Redford seafaring thriller All is Lost, isn’t in the 60s below. To get the full picture on all these films, watch Friday’s episode of “Reel Faith,” now online at the website!

Frozen (SDG)

The critics love Disney’s Frozen. I think it’s a limp retread of Tangled. (See my full review.)

The Christmas Candle (DD)

Christian writer Max Lucado’s novela is brought to the screen courtesy of distributor EchoLight Studios (Rick Santorum’s new film company), and stars Hans Mathesen, Samantha Barks (Les Miz’s Eponine) and Susan Boyle.

Thor: The Dark World (SDG)

How is Thor like Superman? How is he different? Your questions answered here!

Ender’s Game (SDG)

Emerging from at least a decade of development hell, Orson Scott Card's classic sci-fi tale makes it to the screen maybe 50 percent intact … which doesn't make it a bad movie.

Free Birds (DD)

Just in time for Thanksgiving!