Am I crazy, or are we seeing an awful lot of Putin worship lately?

I must be crazy.  It can't possibly be that American Catholics are this confused.  They can't possibly really think that Putin is a Christian guy who just wants to make the world a better place in which to live.

Well, Pat Buchanan seems to think soHilary White seems to want us to think so.  One commenter responded, "I'm moving to Russia now :D" and this comment got 56 upvotes.  Some commenters are suggesting that Putin is doing the work of our Lady of Fatima, apparently forgetting that he called the collapse of the USSR "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century.

Really?  You really think the man actually cares about reestablishing Christian values in his country?  These battered, bloodied anti-Putin protestors might disagree . . . if they were allowed to speak.  Which they're not.  Because it's Putin's Russia, and speaking gets your head bashed.

Can I read Putin's soul?  Of course not.  All I can read is his biography.  He was a KGB agent from 1985-1990.  His opponents are jailed and his critics are murdered on his birthday. He is a thug.  He is corrupt, and a narcissist, and a kleptomaniac.  He is a fascist.  He is an enemy of free people and free speech.  He is not building a paradise that red-blooded conservatives would enjoy living in.  He is simply an authoritarian who's noticed that Muslims are having more babies than his own people.  Fascism is still bad, folks!  Worse than Obama!  Really!

Oh, is he the defender of the family?  For crying out loud, Hitler was also vociferously anti-gay.  Yes, I said "Hitler" on the internet, boo hoo hoo.

Think.  Think.  Just because someone says he hates the things that terrify you, that does not make him your friend.  Just because he looks tougher than Obama when he takes his shirt off, this does not make him a model of leadership.  Think Obama stinks?  I do, too.  Think homosexual propaganda is a threat to the family?  I do, too.  Think the persecution of Christians is a growing threat globally?  I do, too.

Think Putin is here to save western civilization?  You're crazy.  And you frighten me.

Putin is not a friend of Christians.  He is not a hero.  Be glad if some of his words do some good in the world, and then run away from this evil man fast as you can.