Well, it was only a matter of time.  In a first, a UK television station will air an advertisement for abortion.

You can see the story in this youtube video.

My first impulse upon hearing this story was that abortion providers here might try the same thing, and they probably will.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps TV ads are the last thing they want.

Think about it.  Two-thirds of every drug commercial you see on television in the U.S. expounds a ludicrously long litany of any and all possible side effects.  I am no legal expert and most abortions being surgery rather than a drug, the same standards may not apply.  However, it is conceivable that abortion providers might very well be compelled to list the very real side effects of abortion. If not, there are many people who would make it their mission to insure that they would.

The evidence showing the ill health effects of abortion are well known.  Advertised drugs are forced to list even the most remote possible side effects, what would abortion providers be forced to reveal about abortion.

Imagine an ad in which abortion providers reveal that abortion can lead to loss of fertility, long term psychological trauma, depression, and even death.  Truth is not friendly to the abortion industry.

Abortion advertisements may be inevitable in the U.S. and perhaps, just perhaps, that will be the thing that turns the tide.