Oh, you didn’t hear about it in the news?  The cover up?  The child rape?  Your tax dollars?  The “evidence” bagged up and thrown into dumpsters? 

It’s got all the makings of a great tabloid headline or suspense thriller. Except this time every bit of it is true. And there is hard evidence to prove it. I’m talking, of course, about the cover up of sex abuse and child rape by Planned Parenthood and organizations like them. And more evidence was just released today (shown below).

It’s interesting. If the Pope sneezes into a tissue that was handed to him by someone who once had mass with a child-abusing priest who has since been taken out of service, the Church is smeared by every news media outlet that can creatively come up with a headline by scrambling around the words “sex”, “pedophile”, “boys”, “pope”, “priest” and “catholic.”

I don’t say this to make light of a serious situation in the Church (My thoughts on that here if anyone is interested). I say this to continue to point out the questionable motivations of the media but, more importantly, also to call attention to a serious sex abuse scandal occurring in “family planning” and abortion centers across the country. And much of it funded by our tax dollars as a result of cozy relationships with our politicians in Washington.

When we have reels of video evidence of the largest abortion provider covering up child rape and lying to young confused women while encouraging them to kill their baby…we hardly hear a whisper from the media.

It’s almost like the media elite turn their nose up at such an easy scandal to report on: “Come on, give us a challenge!  We need scandalous stories based on exclusive, un-sourced and questionable evidence open to misinterpretation to write our own creative narrative that fits our own agenda. It’s too easy when there is so much hard evidence that the story (truth) presents itself. That’s hardly a story worth reporting.”

I mean, maybe they’re right though. Maybe it’s not really all that shocking when we learn that an abortion provider also happens to systematically lie and cover-up child rape. Maybe that’s what we’ve grown to expect from organizations who extort young mothers and their unborn children.

But this should be a big story. This is a big scandal. And anyone who genuinely cares about the welfare of our children would be calling for every single one of these places to be shut down and held accountable.

This week LiveAction.org released more undercover video of another abortion center lying and covering up child rape. Surely this time all of the journalists so concerned with protecting children will be taking up this cause. Surely they will?

Here is the latest evidence released documenting this widespread sex abuse scandal. It’s all caught on tape:

It’s interesting in this next video how the lady first says it’s not a baby. Then she says the only thing keeping this “baby” alive is that it’s connected to the mother. It really exemplifies the contradictions and confusion involved in this moral tragedy.

Read the full press release from Live Action here.