People are more mobile than they’ve ever been. We travel more often and further distances with ease and regularity. With the help of technology and the social web, we connect with people and build communities that transcend the geographical barriers which restricted them in the past. We’re mobile. And the way we participate in the life of the Church is, in certain ways, mobile now, too.

Whether it’s how we socialize and participate within our local parish, or how we logistically connect together the many parts of the greater Church, mobile technologies are creating opportunities to do it in more effective and creative ways.

The Church is not embracing this opportunity as much as they could be. Most parishes still largely limit themselves to communicating with parishioners solely during 1 hour each week on Sunday morning (often taking away from other more important things). There is huge untapped potential to build even stronger, thriving parish communities using new media and, specifically, mobile technologies. (That’s one of the things we’re helping do with flockNote - btw.)

The Social Web is largely the Mobile Web. And it includes everything from your basic text message to the endless number of mobile apps that enhance everything from your prayer life to your social life. This is where people are living - for better or worse. And every parish and diocese needs to be present there with their people encouraging and making possible a truly integrated Catholic life.

Not convinced of how present your parishioners are on the mobile web?  Check out this infographic:

mobile marketing and tagging

(h/t to CatholicTechTalk)

In what ways is your parish or diocese using mobile technologies?