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Sherwood Pictures: Big dreams in a small town

06/11/2010 Comments (2)

I had the pleasure of being invited down to Albany, GA this week to visit the set for the new movie, Courageous. I got to check out the filming, meet some of the crew, preview some clips, make some new friends and spend some quality time with a lot of wonderful people. I also ate a lot of really good southern comfort food. It was southern hospitality at its best.

If you are unfamiliar with Courageous (the movie), I recommend checking out Tim Drake’s blogs from earlier this week. He documented his similar experience on the set very well, so I won’t recount it all here. But it’s from the makers of Fireproof (the #1 independent film of 2008), Sherwood Pictures, the movie-making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church located in the quaint little town of Albany, GA. And let me just say, from what I’ve seen, Courageous is going to be a great movie - surpassing all of their previous work. And this time focusing especially on fatherhood. I can’t wait to see the film when it comes out next year.

Aside from all of that, one of the most fascinating aspects of Sherwood Films (makers of Courageous) and company is how much they have done with so little. It’s a great story. And I think we can learn a lot from their unique model of making films. It’s very impressive the way they have pulled together community resources, endless volunteers, a little bit of money, some big ideas, a lot of faith and some good, old-fashioned hard work to move hearts and change lives all over the world using the media and letting God work.

I had the chance to pick the brain of the pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church, Michael Catt, for a few minutes. He had some really good insights (video below):





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