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Public Service Announcement: Email Fwds

01/14/2012 Comments (12)

I just feel like a lot of Catholics need to hear this. No particular reason why. Really. It’s nothing personal. I mean, I’m sure none of you need to hear this. But seriously. Watch it. Please.

If you were especially touched by this video or convicted by something in it, God bless you. If you are still struggling with the email forwarding lifestyle, there is hope. It’s called social media. Make a Facebook profile. Next time you’re tempted to forward an email to a large sub-section of your contact list, stop yourself. God always gives us the strength and grace to do what is right. We just have to ask for it and accept it.

Post it on Facebook instead. Eventually you can break loose from the vicious cycle of email forwarding. It is possible. For the love of God (and all of our inboxes), break the chain.

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