Was Planned Parenthood caught lying on tape…again? Yep.

Is there more hard evidence of Planned Parenthood victimizing confused mothers and their babies…again?  Yep.

Do hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars go toward funding this exact activity?  Yep.

Here’s the undercover footage:

Is it not disturbing that our federal government (and the politicians we voted for) continue to give away our money every year to this unethical, dishonest, criminal organization?

This video is the product of another excellent, courageous effort by Live Action - an outstanding pro-life, new media organization led by a young lady named Lila Rose.  Lila was 15 years old when she first founded Live Action. You may have heard of her before from a lot of the undercover investigative reporting she’s done in the past exposing Planned Parenthood’s disregard for law and life.

It is painfully obvious that this kind of dishonest behavior is simply business-as-usual for Planned Parenthood. They cover up child rape. Their “doctors” intimidate and victimize their patients (and their patients’ children). And they systematically deceive the vulnerable women that come through their doors in desperate need of help.

We must continue to call on our representatives to de-fund Planned Parenthood. We can win this one. The evidence is on the side of Life. We just need to spread videos like this around for everyone to see and continue to call attention to it. We need to help reveal this scandal for the corruption and abuse that it is.

Ultimately, we need to shut Planned Parenthood down. We can start by insisting that our own tax dollars not be used to fund their shockingly abhorrent crimes against the most vulnerable among us. Seems like a reasonable request to me.