As Catholics, we are still figuring out exactly how to live out our faith online. It’s a new frontier. How do we engage the culture? What is appropriate to say here and there and how? How do we open people’s minds to the intelligibility of the faith? How do we win hearts, not just arguments?

The New Evangelization calls for New Apologetics. This newness is, in part, simply applying the same old principles of our faith to the emerging and novel format of today. But it’s also pausing to reflect on what ways we may be going astray.

With just about everything, we tend to naturally swing back and forth between extremes over time. It is the guidance of the Church, Scripture and Tradition which continue pulling us closer and closer back to the truth.

Below, two of my favorite theologians - Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. Barron - share some wisdom that applies to all of us as we go forth to live out our diverse lives in service to the one Gospel and the New Evangelization.

I especially liked Scott Hahn’s quote he gave at the end when answering how we engage in this “New Apologetic”?

Answer: By forming strong friendships with Marxists, atheists, and radical feminists so you’re not just refuting arguments, you’re responding to friends.

That really hits home. And that’s one of the reasons I love new media. It gives us a great opportunity to break out of our isolated bubbles and go out and put a personal face on those we disagree with. Personalism. When we get to know those we disagree with - whether it’s about faith, politics or anything else - we are far more likely to attempt to understand them before we coldly demonize them from afar. That builds communion. That opens minds and allows the Holy Spirit to work miracles. And that is our simple task.