Feminists want a little more reality. But only a little.

You might know the MTV show “16 and Pregnant,” which to its credit does show that getting pregnant isn’t all that great as an unmarried teen. But the show is being criticized by some self declared feminists who believe the show isn’t keeping it real enough.

Guess what they want? Come on. One guess. Ding Ding. More abortions!!!

Jessica Valenti, the creator of the Feministing blog, asked “Where are the pregnant teens who choose not to stay pregnant? Where are the abortions?”

She points out that nearly a third of teen pregnancies end in abortion yet the show has gone a full season with two adoptions but no abortions.

But if that’s going to happen, which I’m sure it will eventually (It is Mtv after all!) I think it will backfire terribly on the pro-choicers if the reality of abortion is actually shown.

If there’s going to be “reality show abortions” let’s show that what pro-choicers call a “blob of tissue” is in reality a small human being. Let’s hear them try to call the baby “a fetus” after America sees exactly what is being aborted.

And after the abortion let’s show how sick the girl is. And let’s keep the camera following the girl around for weeks as she confronts the guilt that she’s killed her child. But the pro-choicers don’t want that much reality.

They know that theirs is an ideology best practiced in the dark where they can still get away with their “blob of tissue” descriptions of babies and their slippery use of the word “choice” to describe a human life.

So they might say they want reality but we know that the moment people really see what’s going on inside abortion clinics, they will recoil. Let’s show what the abortionists hide from even the mothers at the clinic. Let’s see what happens to the fetus after the abortion. Once America really sees the reality of that, it’ll turn on them.

Pro-choicers have shown time and again they don’t want reality to intrude on their pro-choice utopia. The abortion community has fought against crisis pregnancy centers mainly because these centers have ultrasounds which show women their babies and give women an opportunity to listen to their baby’s heartbeat. So now the abortion community is attempting to saddle crisis pregnancy centers with legislation to hinder their work.

They’ve even fought vehemently against legislation that asks that women be given the option of an ultrasound before an abortion. The abortion community is for choice, just not informed choice.

But we’re already winning. Even the Mtv watching youth are understanding what abortion really is. A recent online MTV poll asked viewers of the show “16 and Pregnant” if they believed in abortion and 59% said they didn’t while only 34% answered in the affirmative.

Pro-choicers know they’re losing so they want to see the continued “glamorization” of abortion because they’re scared to death of America seeing the reality.