So this is what we’ve come to in America? An Australian documentary maker is filming an auction where he’s selling off the virginity of several young men and women for a reality television program.

When he realized he’d be arrested for trying it in his home country he took flight to a country where it would be legal to sell poor young virgins to wealthy buyers. And far from being forced into the barbaric waters offshore some third world country where anything is legal the filmmaker has found a nice, comfortable and legal home right in Nevada. That’s right. The good ol’ US of A.

You can’t really pretend you’re shocked can you? You can be saddened, disgusted or even dismayed but definitely not surprised. Not anymore.

This is America. Home of “my body, my choice.” If we allow the killing of a human being because a woman can do with her body what she wants then how can we argue that a person can’t use their body to have sex for money if it’s their choice?

We are simply seeing the commodization of humanity where people view each other not as people needing, wanting or deserving love but as beings to be used or gotten over. The virgin sees dollar signs instead of a human being. The buyers sees in the virgin bodily pleasure. This is not human interaction but the co-existence of two self loves bumping into each other one night for their own self gratification.

When we can see in each other only what can be gained for ourselves, we’re looking at the closing of the American heart. And as our culture continues to view its Christan heritage as an anchor to be released we will continue sealing ourselves off from each other until we are crowded by others but completely alone.