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Adult Stem Cell News

Monday, September 05, 2011 2:00 AM Comments (17)

A reader writes:

I know you have a lot of readers, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to pass this info along somehow. To sum it up quickly, I’m trying to bring awareness to umbilical cord blood donation. I am pregnant with #4, and we have donated with the last two births and will do so again with this one. Cord blood is rich in adult stem cells and is used to cure several cancers and numerous other diseases.  The current research is also very promising. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a lot of press or funding because of all of the money that is funneled into embryonic stem cells. Most people are not aware you can donate the blood upon birth. My doctor, a very prominent doctor in our area, had no idea it could be donated until I brought it to his attention. If the blood is not banked for the parents own child (very expensive), it is just thrown away because no one knows you can donate it! This is a great way for individuals to get involved in supporting a pro-life cause. I am not with any organization. I am just one mom trying spread the word. We have had a good experience with this blood bank in Florida (there aren’t any local options where we live). This company does NOT engage in anything unethical (cloning, embryonics, etc.) Here is the link if you’re interested in doing more research.

Check thou it out. Adult stem cells (which are perfectly ethical to use since nobody is killed to get them) have already shown great promise in several treatments. Embryonic stem cells (which are obtained by murdering children) have so far produced nothing. So why the emphasis on embryonic stem cells and not on adult stem cells in our mainstream media? Because abortionists and pagan capitalists dearly hope to cash in on the vast “resource” of 1.4 million dead babies murdered each year in the United States. Put your money where it will do good and not evil and support adult stem-cell research only.


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