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VIDEO: Secret Italian Easter Recipe!

05/10/2011 Comments (3)

Over on Facebook, where you can friend me if you like, one of the things I regularly do is post pictures of various low-carb recipes, because I’m on a low-carb diet and all. The recipes I’m showing pictures of are for a low-carb cookbook that my FB friends convinced me to work on. These are the test recipes.

I also occasionally post video recipes, and one I recently did was for a special Italian dish that is made for Easter. It goes by a number of Italian names, but in English it’s often called “Italian Easter Pie.”

There are may ways of making it, but I based this recipe off of one that was taught to me by a family of friends in which the mother is of Italian American descent.

It really is very good, and since we’re still in the Easter season, I thought I’d share the recipe with you as well as a special Easter present.

If you’re not doing low carb, just use regular flour instead.


What do you think?

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