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Liturgical Horror Backfire: Popsicle "Artist" Cuts, Runs

05/23/2012 Comments (6)

Remember the Chilean-born, New York area "artist" who was planning to distribute popsicles that he (wrongly) claimed were made from the Precious Blood?

Yeah, that guy.

Guess what?

He's now bailed on his own publicity campaign.

According to the Christian Post:

A spokesperson for Errazuriz told The Christian Post via email that the artist is no longer granting interviews about the popsicles so that his studio can focus on other projects.

So Mr. Errasuriz has concluded that he doesn't want attention in connection with the popsicles any more and has pulled the plug on his sacrilegious popsicle campaign.


Let's hope he cancels the popsicle-distributing party he had planned for this weekend . . . so he can "focus on other projects."

This guy still need our prayers.

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