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If the Number of the Beast is 666, what is the Number of Jesus?

10/17/2012 Comments (6)

The number of the beast is 666, but what is the number of Jesus?

We've all heard that, in the book of Revelation, the number of the Beast is 666.

Whatever does this mean?

And if the Beast has a number, do others?

Does the name of Jesus have a number?

Does the name of God have a number?

Here's the story. . . .


Modern Numbers

Today we are used to having a different set of characters to represent letters and numbers.

Our alphabet of letters runs from A to Z, and our system of numbers--or basic numbers--runs from 0 to 9.

But in the ancient world they didn't have two sets of characters for these. Instead, the letters of their alphabets doubled as characters representing numbers.


Latin Numbers

That's why, for example, Roman numerals are composed of letters.

In Latin, some of the letters did double duty as numbers, so I meant 1, V meant 5, X meant 10, L meant 50, C meant 100, D meant 500, and M meant 1,000.

To get other numbers you had to combine these in various ways, like using II for 2, III for 3, and IV for 4.

What about the number of the Beast and the number of Jesus?

Watch the video for more!



What Now?

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In the meantime, what do you think?

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