Easter is fast approaching and one of the best places to celebrate Our Lord’s Resurrection is, of course, the Holy Land with a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to make such a trip, but thanks to a Turkish multimedia company, it’s now possible to make a virtual visit from your own computer.

Two websites, www.360tr.com and www.std24.net, have teamed up with Turkish photographer, Aykut Ince, to create this stunning panoramic virtual tour of the basilica. Using your mouse or cursor keys, you can view the basilica in detail from every possible angle. Note you will need a fast/broadband connection and Adobe Flash to view it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a guide to go with each individual part of the basilica, but there is a brief history under the ‘info’ icon.

Called the “Common Project for Humanity”, the tour’s creators hope their initiative will promote peaceful coexistence between the religions and cultures of Jerusalem.

They also plan on bringing other Holy Sites of the Holy Land into the world of virtual tourism sometime soon.

Although the link was correct when this was posted, it directed readers to another page on the Register website for some reason. I’m pleased to say the link is now working - my apologies for the glitch. Thanks to Steve for pointing that out.