Here’s a feel-good story in the midst of so much bad these days ...

Harry and Barbara Cooper met in 1937 and were married 4 months later. That means they have been married 73 years. 73 years!

I am so impressed.

On the day of their 72nd wedding anniversary, they leaned toward each other, hands tenderly clasped, as they peered into the camera.
‘It’s a give-and-take situation,” said Harry, as Barbara, giggled. “I give, and she takes.”

The Jewish couple has endured a lot together through the years—most tragically the loss of their two children (both to heart attacks) in 2007. And yet physically and emotionally, they remain healthy and strong. It’s easy to see that when you read their blog.

That’s right, they blog.

They post videos (a series called “Ask Grandma Anything”), restaurant reviews, funny stories, and photos. Oh, and they’re on Twitter and Facebook too.

Obviously a shared enthusiasm for life and adaptability in the face of change is one of the secrets to this couple’s longevity. In browsing through some of their videos, it quickly becomes apparent that at least one other secret to their success is a shared sense of humor. They like tell jokes and laugh together on camera.  I especially loved watching their interaction in this video where they share the “secret” to a long marriage. In it, Harry suggests that for a man, the formula for a happy marriage is only two words long: “Yes, dear.”

I think he might be onto something there.

Congratulations to Harry and Barbara Cooper on their 73rd wedding anniversary ... what a beautiful testimony this couple’s commitment to one another is to their grandchildren and, through the power of the internet, to the entire world. I hope they will enjoy many more years of marital happiness (and blogging!) together.