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Marchers carry signs at the March for Life 2020.

March For Life Reveals 2021 Theme, With Unity as Focus

Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, said that a great deal of prayer on her part as well as other staff of the March for Life goes into the discernment process for the theme, and “anything can happen with God’s grace.”

US flags

Republicans’ History on Abortion

EDITORIAL: For the past 40 years, it’s the Republican Party that has made the right to life of the unborn child a vital part of its vision and policy for the United States.

Sister Deidre Byrne

The Unconventional Mission of ‘Sister Dede’

In an exclusive interview, Sister Deidre Byrne discusses her recent speech at the Republican National Convention, her passion for medicine, missionary work, and how to win this current spiritual battle.