U.S. Notes & Quotes

New York Times on Monaghan and Legatus

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 14—The lead article in the Sunday New York Times business section was a positive look at Tom Monaghan and his Legatus organization for Catholic chief executive officers. The article sketched the history of the man who made his fortune as the founder of Domino's Pizza, and his Catholic apostolate, which was founded in 1987 and has grown to include 1,300 members in 25 American chapters and nascent groups in Canada, Mexico and Honduras.

“What many members share—and discuss at Legatus meetings—is the experience of having their faith and ethics tested by challenges at work,” wrote the Times' Alex Prud'Homme, who reported that Monaghan plans “to expand Legatus rapidly.”

Jews Needn't Fear Christians, Says Rabbi

THE AMERICAN ENTERPRISE, March/April—“Jews are not being raped, robbed, murdered or mugged by Christians on the way home from Church on Sunday morning, but rather by irreligious nihilists,” writes Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin. He concludes: “Jews and religious Christians are natural moral allies.”

Rabbi Lapin argues that Jews should not feel threatened by religious Christians but by “the failures of secular liberalism” that have weakened the family, the public schools and authority in general. “In fact, I am grateful for the country's Christian foundation, because it is that religious foundation that has made it possible for Jews to live in safety and security in this country for over 200 years.”

L.A. Times Cuts Ads for Sex Clubs

SAN DIEGO NEWS NOTES, February—Jim Bowen of Sacred Heart Church in Coronado, Calif., was one of a number of readers who was grateful to receive a letter from the Los Angeles Times last October informing him that the paper would drop advertisements for topless bars and other “adult” clubs from its sports section.

Bowen had written the paper: “What percentage [of the young men who frequent adult clubs] develop an attitude towards women that … eases their mindset toward violent sexual acts?”