Profession of Vows, Pope Francis and Islam, Work to Sanctify the Soul, Hope in Front of Me and More!

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Profession of Vows by Sister Theresa Aletheia of Pursued by Truth -

Pope Francis and Islam – Father David Vincent Meconi SJ, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Pope Francis: Rejoice, Arise and Persevere – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Work To Sanctify Your Soul – Father Ed Broom OMV, Catholic Exchange

Hope in Front of Me – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand

Grandparents In the Gaps – Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report

Now, Make Your Act of Contrition – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today

How the Catholics Invented Whisky – Harry Stevens, Regina Magazine

Islam, Immigration and the Importance of Culture – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine

(Bishop Fulton Sheen) Fail! – Super Martyrio, The Martyrdom Files

Polygamy, The Federal Government and the Gas Chambers – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

There Is No Legitimate Right to Privacy in Making Personal Pornography – Quartermaster of the Barque

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