Pope Francis Did Not Approve of Shacking Up; The Family, A Seedbed of Vocations and Much More!

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Marriage: Pope Francis Approves Shacking Up? by Kevin Aldrich of Catholic Stand - BigPulpit.com

Cardinal Burke Thoroughly Explains Catholic Teaching on Marriage (Video) - Corpus Christi Watershed

Autism, Vaccines and Deisher’s Paper – Stacy Trasancos PhD

The Family, A Seedbed of Vocations – Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

Is Pope Francis Upset about an Ignatius Press Book? Fr. Joseph Fessio SJ via the Catholic News Agency – BigPulpit.com

How “Living Together” Harms Marriage – Fr. Bevil Bramwell OMI, The Catholic Thing

The New Media with Sister Margaret Obrovac – Shaun McAfee

How Premarital Experiences Affects Marital Quality – Mark S. Latkovic STD, Truth and Charity Forum

Synod on the Family Scuffling - BigPulpit.com

The Ascendancy of the Devil – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5

Being the “Good Girl” – Anna Rose Meeds, Catholic Stand

Eight Steps to a Stronger Christian Marriage – Susanna Spencer, ChurchPOP

There Are No ‘Gay’ People – Bernard Toutounji, Ignitum Today

Modern Attitudes Toward Marriage Lead to Loneliness – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine

The Catholic Man Crisis & Why It Matters – Matthew James Christoff, Catholic Stand

Keep Dating Your Wife: Show Your Wife You Love Her – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

Sister or Nun: What’s the Difference? – Catholic Spiritual Direction

Holy Matrimony Is Forever - Teófilo de Jesús, Vivificat

Why Do Catholics Fall for the New Age Movement? – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Prince William Attends Catholic Mass In Official Capacity – Simon Caldwell, The Catholic Herald

Pope Urban II vs. Pope Francis – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Interview with Veteran Vaticanista on Pope Francis & His Predecessors - Kathy Schiffer, Aleteia∝

Seeking Satisfaction, Gluttony – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Catholic Exchange

Topics of Sydney Archbishop’s First Press Conference – Greg Daly, Aleteia∝

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