Out of the Roman States, Only in the America Am I Pope; In the Shadows of the Minarets, and More!

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Out of the Roman States, There Is No Country Where I Am Pope Except the United States of America by Donald R. McClarey, JD, of The American Catholic - Big Pulpit

In the Shadows of the Minarets - Tom Jay, Crisis Magazine

One Year into the Heart of Fatherhood - Bob Waruszewski, Ignitum Today

A Glimpse Into the Cloister: Chosen: ‘Custody of the Eyes’ – Fr. E. Looney, The CWR Blog

Survival Guide For a Stay At Home Dad - Rich Lamm, Epic Pew

Are All Great Scientists Atheists? – Bob Kurland, Catholic Lane

Letters to Pegleg 2015 - Judith Costello, Catholic Stand

To Fight Obesity, Let’s Call Gluttony What it Is: A Disease of the Soul - Zac Alstin, Aleteia∝

How to Prove that Transcendentalism Is True - Peter Kreeft PhD, Strange Notions

Is it Harmful to Focus on the Devil? – Philip Kosloski, Put on the Armor of God

A New Book on the Armenian Genocide – Mark Movsesian, First Things

Holy War Against Common Sense: Russia vs. The West – Mykhailo Cherenkov, The CWR Blog

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Anonymous, “God the Geometer,” ca. 1220

29 Great Catholic Mathematicians You Should Know

“It seems to me almost incredible,” said Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, “that an invention of the human mind and the structure of the universe coincide. Mathematics, which we invented, really gives us access to the nature of the universe and makes it possible for us to use it.”