Downton Abbey Season Five: A Catholic Creator's Complex World, Vocations Resolution and More!

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‘Downton Abbey’ Season Five: A Catholic Creator’s Complex World by Kate O’Hare of Catholic Vote -

It’s a Black Christmas for the Christians of the Middle East – Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy

Resolutions for Vocation of Marriage and Family - Jessica McAfee, Epic Pew

Thou Shalt Take it Easy: Seven Reasons to Embrace Sunday Rest - Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

Do We Really Need a Papal Encyclical on Climate Change? by Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith of Catholic Herald -

Getting in Touch Again: Date Night – Kevin DiCamillo, Catholic Lane

Book Giveaway: The Kingdom of Patria – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew

Why Mass of Catechumens Is Better Than Liturgy of the Word – Peter Kwasniewski PhD, New Liturgical Movement

Same Sex Medieval ‘Marriage’, Fraud Revealed by Taylor Marshall, PhD -

The Liturgical Sign of Peace: Move or Remove? – Gerard T. Mundy, Crisis Magazine

Examining the Thinking Behind Cardinal Marx' Comments? – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Six Lessons on Prudence and Her Contrary Vices – H. H. Ambrose, Saint Peter's List

How To Legally Beat Up A Little Sister – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand

A Biblical-Theological Interpretation of Her Apparition – Paulino Forte, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Seven Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions – Deacon Edward Looney, Ignitum Today

15 Quotes on Forgiveness and Other Ways to Annoy Enemies – Laura McAlister, Catholic Cravings

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand

2014 the Culture War Divide Became Deeper, Darker, and Weirder – Carrie Gress, The CWR Blog

Dear Dad: About Your Pornography Habit. . . – Anonymous, Aleteia∝

Pontifical Council for Culture’s Strange Video about Women – Fr. Z's Blog

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