Cardinal Kasper Goes Over the Top in Interview, Dating While Discerning, Jesus Was No Myth and More!

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Cardinal Kasper Goes Over the Top in Interview via Fr. Z’s Blog -

Dating While Discerning - Paul Senz, Catholic Exchange

Jesus Was No “Myth” – Shaun McAfee

Pope Francis: People Must Open Hearts to Migrants Who Face Closed Borders - Carol Glatz, The Catholic Herald

The Real Catholic Debate by Mark Movsesian of First Things -

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga’s Error on Poverty & the Free Market – Philip Booth, The Catholic Herald

Richard Dawkins the Fundamentalist Atheist – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Are Church Leaders Unwittingly Promoting Secular Agenda – Stephen M. Krason, Crisis Magazine

Cardinal Burke Rebuts ‘Outrageous’ Claim that Crd. Kasper Speaks for Pope Francis via Catholic World News -

The High Price of Not Putting Out – Anthony Buono, Catholic Lane

It Isn’t Mine – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today

Have You Heard a Sermon Mention Contraception? – Fr. Rober McTeigue SJ, Aleteia∝

Ten Things That Changed St. Francis Forever – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Should Children Fast? – Grace Mazza Urbanski,

What Are Your Kids Being for Halloween? - Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine

A Theology of Vision & Pornography – Joe Kral, Truth & Charity Forum

Extreme LGBT Activism – Rivka Edelman

Saving Marriage More Pressing Than Communion for Divorced and Re-Married - Francis Phillips, The Catholic Herald

Video Interviews: Crds. Burke & Kasper, Compare & Contrast – Fr. Z's Blog

A Moral Challenge for Notre Dame’s Trustees – Fr. Wilson D. Miscamble CSC, The Catholic Thing

As Britain Goes to War, Chaldean Patriarch Criticizes Bombing Campaign - Greg Daly, Aleteia∝

Dear Media: Priest Breaking Vows Not Reason to Rewrite Church – Tim Stanley

Stop Begging for Money & Teach Stewardship – Loye Young, Catholic Stand

Vatican Sells Sistine Chapel, Donates Money to Nancy Pelosi – ChurchPOP

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