Beauty Will Save the World; It's Merry Christmas, Not Happy Christmas and Much More!

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“Beauty Will Save the World” – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

It’s Merry Christmas, Not Happy Christmas by Matthew Schmitz of the First Things website - Big Pulpit

Pope’s Childhood Christmas Letter to Baby Jesus Published – Catherine Harmon, The CWR Blog

Pope Benedict’s Caveats on Subsidiarity, Charity, and Social Teaching – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture/On the Culture

A Defense of the Traditional Date for Christmas – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Porn Use and Supporting Same-Sex "Marriage" – Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse

Gushing Over the Royal Fetus: Words Matter – Eric Metaxas, LifeSiteNews

The Defense of Marriage Requires Honesty About Homosexuality – Dale O’Leary, Crisis Magazine

Why Do Nice Girls Like Bad Boys? – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

St. Joseph’s Hidden Life is so Eloquent – Fr. James Martin SJ, Catholic Herald

A New Rose Vestment – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Could the Soul “Evolve” from Inferior Animals? – Saint Peter’s List

Christmas as Heavenly Economy – Peter J. Leithart, First Things/On The Square

Religion: Virtue of Temperance – Kaitlin Davis, Ignitum Today

Religion in the National Intelligence Council Report – Mark Movsesian, First Things/First Thoughts

God’s Gift and a Pair of Scissors – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Green Bay’s Mayor Says Too Many Homeless are Staying at Catholic Shelter – Fr. Z’s Blog

Three Hobbit-Related Book Reviews – Brandon Vogt,

Some Paradoxes of Christmas – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington (DC)

Will Russia Come Back to Life? – Steven W. Mosher, Catholic Lane

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