Thank You, Dan Burke


Dan Burke
Dan Burke (photo: EWTN)

Dan Burke has been an integral member of the EWTN family since his arrival with the Register in 2011.

A man of considerable gifts, he has served as the president and chief operating officer for the entire EWTN News operation. Before that, Dan served as the executive director of the Register and worked closely with me in bringing the Register into the EWTN family.

Along the way, he found the time to conceptualize, inaugurate and build the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, while running the website. It is for the Avila Foundation and the potential for spiritual growth for him, his family and those he serves that Dan will be leaving EWTN at the end of February. And while I am sad to see him depart, I know he will continue to do all he can to serve Christ and the Church for the rest of his life.

Dan is a quintessential truth-seeker. In that pursuit, he has traveled a path in life with many turns: from secular Jew to evangelical Christian, from mainline Protestantism as a seminarian to a home in the Catholic Church. Dan has helped make the Register the Catholic newspaper of record in the United States, the newspaper that most of the U.S bishops, as well as many at the Vatican, read when they want the objectivity, fairness and charity that is lacking in many media outlets today. He leaves the Register in much better shape than it was when he arrived, and for that I am grateful.

Please join me in praying for Dan Burke. I look forward to seeing how the Lord uses his many gifts on the next stage of his journey.

God bless you!