On Our Way

Publisher's Note

The production of this issue had the Register staff looking back with soft sentiment even as we continue to plan ahead with sturdy hope.

Why the heightened emotion? Because we’re preparing to move from North Haven, Conn., to Thornwood, N.Y., some 70 miles away. (Our new mailing address is P.O. Box 237, Thornwood, NY 10594. Our main phone number will remain (800) 356-9916.)

We made a lot of memories during the decade we called this humble brownstone home. (We spent our first five Connecticut years in nearby Hamden.) Interestingly, as much as we love our work — and we really do enjoy what God has us doing with our media apostolate — it isn’t the stories we’ve scooped or the deadlines we’ve met or the successes we’ve seen that we’ll best remember in this physical space. It’s the people.

Turnover is a natural part of all temporal endeavors. People join and move on quite regularly. And, as you know from our fundraising messages, we’ve been forced to downsize over the past year. But the realities universal to all businesses can’t begin to tell the stories particular to each enterprise. And our stories in North Haven begin and end with the hearts, souls and voices of too many dedicated, prayerful and caring people to name here.

Please pray for Register staff members past, present and future as we load the trucks and head to our new home on Nov. 12.