Fruits of Lent


(photo: Register Files)

We are now at the tail end of Lent. On Palm Sunday, April 9, Christians throughout the world will celebrate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Later, in the sacred Triduum, we will mark the institution of two sacraments — holy orders and the holy Eucharist — at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, the memorial of Christ’s passion on Good Friday, and the expectant hopes of mankind and the welcoming of new members to the Church at the Easter vigil.

It is important that as we celebrate we also remember that there are thousands of displaced Christians who have and continue to be victimized solely for their faith. They will spend Holy Week in refugee camps in Iraq (see story on page one), Syria and other distressed corners of the world. While our Lent comes to a conclusion, they will continue to cry out to heaven for their freedom.

On the threshold of Easter, I ask you to keep in prayer our priests and deacons, as well as the countless victims of religious persecution across the globe.

I pray that the remainder of your Lent will be fruitful and that you fully enter the mystery of the Passion during Holy Week and the hope of the Resurrection at Easter.

God bless you!