Christ's Priesthood

Publisher's Note

We honor the gift of the priesthood as one of the themes of this issue of the Register, which also includes Holy Week, the sacred Triduum and Easter.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday is vital to our faith because on that day Christ instituted two sacraments — holy Eucharist and holy orders — and without either we would be lost.

For that reason, I want to call special attention to our symposium on the priesthood on pages B6 and B7. On those pages, three alteri Christi — a diocesan priest, a Dominican and a Franciscan — in their own words, describe what it is like to live their lives for Christ. Their essays specifically discuss their vocation through their promises of obedience, celibacy and poverty.

In these uncertain times, our secular culture is constantly attempting to redefine what we actually believe and sows confusion in the process. There certainly is no confusion sown from these priests, who are indicative of the good and faithful men who serve the Church. They provide clear insight not only into their vocations — but maybe a bit into our own vocations as well.

Please pray for our priests.

And God bless you!