Angels, Not Demons

This week we have a cover story on the movie Angels & Demons. We also have our second column (Arts, page B3) by Steven D. Greydanus about the story and film.

We weren’t sure how extensively we should cover Angels & Demons. It’s a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, and like that previous novel/blockbuster, it builds its plot on a premise far reaching and consequential. In The Da Vinci Code, all of Christianity was based on a lie. In this one, the Church is anti-scientific.

Both, in other words, are based on serious misrepresentations of history.

We know the filmmakers love controversy. It helps garner attention for their film. We followed the Vatican’s cues and didn’t add to the controversy.

But now that the film is here, it’s appropriate that we critique it and tell Catholics what to look out for.  The newspaper L’Osservatore Romano is now talking about the movie, to point out its absurdity. So we find ourselves following the Vatican’s cues once again.