A Gathering Place

Faith & Family magazine is the Register’s sister publication at Circle Media.

Its tagline is “The Magazine of Catholic Living,” and it functions as a women’s magazine for Catholic moms.

Moms love it. It includes the tips and ideas that women’s magazines typically do, including recipes, home, health and beauty, but it also includes rich and practical spirituality for families, relying on the wisdom of the magisterium of the Church.

Now, it’s more than a magazine.

FaithAndFamilyLIVE.com is the gathering place of the magazine’s online community. Every day, web editor Danielle Bean and four other moms of varying backgrounds offer readers inspiration and encouragement in the style of the magazine.

Go and see for yourself — and consider subscribing for yourself or a Catholic mom you know. Pope Benedict XVI calls family life the project of our time. The site and magazine are great tools for building the culture of love and life.