Will Cecile Richards Be Haunted By Reality? I Pray it is So

We put abortion advocate Cecil Richards in God’s hands and pray for his will to be done.

(photo: ‘CarlB104’, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

What does the future hold for Cecile Richards, decade-long president of Planned Parenthood who aborted her fourth child simply because she wanted only three?

With a million-dollar annual salary as president of Planned Parenthood, Richards helped other woman end innocent lives too.

Planned Parenthood does over 330,000 abortions a year. Richards first shared about her own abortion publicly in 2014 in an essay in Elle magazine, hoping to dispel the stigma over a mother killing her unborn baby. “I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision,” she wrote.

This past week it was announced that Richards, 60, who has headed up the country’s largest abortion provider (which liberal media dubs “reproductive health”) since 2006, would be leaving. In a statement, she said:

...I will be leaving the organization well-positioned to serve and fight for our patients for a century more. Every day we see the incredible power that grassroots voices can have — there has never been a better moment to be an activist. You can bet I'll be marching right alongside them, continuing to travel around the country advocating for the basic rights and health care that all people deserve.

Following the release of secretly recorded sting videos by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, Richards told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2015, “It's a shame to think that there are people in this country who are so committed to ending women's access to both birth control, and safe and legal abortion, that they'll really resort to any means to try to entrap people, twist the truth, in order to reach their ends.”

The unedited tapes said otherwise. But Richards could easily lie to her loyal followers. Anyone who believes killing unborn babies is okay, is ready to accept whatever she has to say.

So, what is next for Cecile Richards? Is there an encore? Will there be a moment of contemplation of what she really accomplished? Does she worry about a heaven and hell or the souls of all the unborn and what they could have done had they lived? 

To destroy God’s creation is sleeping with the devil. Does Richards sleep well at night, or are sleeping pills required to stop the nightmares of babies’ souls that come to visit?

It’s not only the babies either, for there are wounded fathers and mothers left in the wake of so many abortions. And brothers and sisters who miss what never was but should have been. How much would Richards’ three children have loved their little brother and sister?  The world would be different now. Richards could have fought for life rather than spent a lifetime pushing for its destruction and collecting half a billion a year in government money through Planned Parenthood to aid and abet such evil.

Have you ever met anyone who survived in the womb but had originally been slated for abortion? I have. The world would be so much less without them. If it had been up to Richards, those survivors would not have slipped by.

Is Richards too far gone? Is there a point where you’ve destroyed so much of God’s creation that you already have one foot in hell?  Or can she reach for redemption, cry out for mercy and immerse herself in repentance?

I know I’m not alone praying that she can. Imagine such a conversion! Love and hate would trade sides as her protégés would be aghast that she betrayed the deathly cause. And those who hate what she has done would open their arms to her and praise the Lord. It would be a cataclysm greater than any tsunami or volcanic eruption which have no eternal ramifications.

Let us all pray that reality haunts Richards. Pray also that her retirement will truly be profitable in an entirely new way for her—spiritually rather than monetarily. Lord, nothing is impossible for you. We put Cecil Richards in your hands and pray for your will to be done.